Natural Facelift Massage Training Course

Massage Training Course

Facelift massage training course is a remarkable initiative that aims to meet the western and the Asian to complete this ideal balance between the various aspect. It explores to compare these different dimensions to create an ultimate balance. The body in this original knowledge molds into active human beings with spiritual and mysterious energy to transform ahead of the light.

Facial Therapy Level - 3

The Energizing step uses meridian energy pathways and Tsubo or acupoints of the face to scale the inner processes. This stage is unique to Facial Massage. It consists of energizing the face by stimulating Tsubo (acupressure points) and lightly stroking meridians to improve energy flow through the face. The Energizing stage adds huge benefit to the complete facial massage by creating the effect of a natural face-lift without needing to insert needles as in acupuncture.

In level – 3, you will learn the basic Facial Massage shiatsu routine, point location of all facial acupuncture points on the six meridians and two vessels, and specific acupressure routines for the forehead, eyebrow, upper eyelid, upper cheek, and eyes.

Shiatsu, Ki (Energy Flow), and other traditional Asian Medical concepts have become popular in the west in recent years. People today understand that health is essential to the quality of life & in this quest for vibrant health, many people around the world have shown more interest in Asian techniques of health and healing and ways of living.

Keiraku commonly translated as “Meridian System” are the channel or pathways for Ki energy. Keiraku is a pathway between the surface of the human body, on which the tsubo is located, and internal organs. The Keiraku system function as a second nervous system & the effects of treatment performed at a tsubo is transmitting along with two different systems: the neural pathway and the meridian system.

Tsubo is often translating as “Acupoint” Tsubo is the point in the body that can be stimulating to relieve pain or produce different effects in the internal organs and relieve symptoms. Using tsubo and keiraku can be very effective in Facial Therapy.

FT Training page -3 - Facelift massage training

You will learn six meridians and two vessels that travel along the meridian line on the front and back are the two most often used treatments. These two vessels are combined with Kei meridians to become what is commonly called the “Fourteen Meridians on the Body”

The meridians running through the face reveal the condition of the entire body, & a good therapist learns a great deal about a client’s health as they give a facial massage; therefore, facial treatment commonly combines with more extensive treatment to the rest of the body.

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