Massage Therapy Certification Course

Certification course in Massage Therapy in India

Massage therapy certification course is a vibrant & poetic form of transformational massage therapy developed and emphasized by the integrated wisdom of Atharva. It’s intended to promote bodywork, healing, and massage to a new level by harmonizing energetic techniques from many different Eastern and Western modalities include ancient techniques.

Facial Therapy Level - 1

In the first level, you will learn the Anatomy of the face, Anatomical direction of the face. Bones of the face. As a professional in this field, you should have proper knowledge of anatomy. During the training we will often use bone names as a landmark during technique description, so you should be familiar with the names and location of each. Proper knowledge of anatomy is essential for practicing facial, for better detail on bone and muscle names.

Before beginning the facial massage, it is important to treat the anterior surface of the neck.  The neck is a bridge between the chest and the face. If the cervical muscles become constricted circulation to the face will be compromised. The techniques are designed to increase circulation to the face. This not only ensures maximum blood supply to the facial tissues but becomes very important during the final stages of treatment when the focus is on lymphatic drainage. Unless there is good circulation within the anterior neck, the lymph will not easily flow down to the subclavian vessels, and you will not be able to properly eliminate toxins from the face. The focus is on giving a smooth and relaxing yet therapeutic neck massage before applying the facial.

At the facial therapy level – 1 The techniques were selected because they are easy to learn and apply. There are many techniques used in traditional facial massage, but these represent the core techniques that every student must master before moving to more advanced techniques.

Face Massage Therapy Certification course is not about how many different techniques you know, but how well and how smoothly you can apply the simple fundamental techniques. The most important skills in facial massage, especially at the professional level, are the smoothness of technical application and seamless joining of one technique to the next.

FT Level -1-Facial Therapy certification course

You will Learn 30 foundational techniques completely in the first level of the massage therapy course. it is important to understand all applicable guidelines and precautions and also the basic hand application techniques. You will learn five examples of manual facial lymph drainage techniques used to offer a smooth finish to a facial massage.

Massage is like music in which you know when the song is coming to an end. By applying these massage techniques your client will sense when the end of the massage is coming closer.

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