Face Massage Course in India

Facial Therapy Massage Course

Face massage course in Goa is a great, yet smooth facial rejuvenation therapy. It is a combination of ancient East Asian medical concepts and ancient facial massage techniques. It helps release the stress and energy locked in the facial, neck muscles, and head.

The massage helps to rejuvenate and to reduce the impact of the aging process. and repair facial tissue and prevent. Through a percussive, rapid, rhythmical touch, the nervous system is stimulated, lymphatic flow is improved, blood circulation and muscles are strengthened and toned and the energy flow in the face is harmonious and maintained.

The training consists of hands-on training, so you will be able to perform a complete, therapeutic facial massage by the end of the training. For everyone with an inclination of curiosity in Massage or Holistic Therapy. This massage course caters to beginners who wish to start their career as Massage Therapists and offers advanced levels for Existing Practitioners too.

Benefits of Face Massage Training in Goa

Goa is silver seashores, twinkling sky-blue waters, the sky imitating the sea below, green paddy fields, and coconut grove lining the seaside streets. A place you can fall in love with at first glimpse.

The Training is taking place in the beautiful coastal village of Arambol in North Goa. Among the best impressive factors of a Face Massage Course in Goa is the climate. Goa offers a striking blend of social spirit and intrinsic beauty in every period. It’s about developing the experiences that stay with your being for long-lasting.

The massage course in Goa is 8 days. All 3 levels spread over in 8 days. If you traveling to Goa and want to learn unique skills. It’s ideal for several who want to join training in their journey to Goa and They can share their skills as a bodywork therapist around the world.

The objective of the Massage Training

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Learning is a deeply individual process and an essential role in our growth. The continued journey of the body, to a higher and higher extent, illuminates and brings the knowledge of one’s self into the focus.

  • One major feature of learning here is that you also learn the importance of each stroke that you perform and You learn the muscles and how they bring effect on that part.
  • The course covers hands-on Training as well as and a theory study to take yourself to the extent of a massage therapist.
  • The trainees learn not just the methods but also the art of touch.
  • All massage techniques are demonstrated by the teacher and then practice each technique until you understand them very well. Being able to perform smoothly flowing facial massage requires muscle memory. 
  • You will learn how to adapt to different shapes and conditions of the face.
  • There is a space for learning, understanding, support, and presence.
  • You will begin to learn how to use one’s own body as an instrument for healing and growth.
  • Not only will you learn how to give a Face massage in a much more expert way, but you’ll also gain more insight into the advantages of facial massage skills, facial massage movements, and much more. It can be a great first step towards a bright new career in bodywork therapy.
  • This training is suitable for people of any background that are interested in discovering the interactions of body-mind processes through direct experience, as well as further studies for people in medical, psychological, or social professions.
  • Learning to work in a meditative way, through touching and being touched, and through an energetic process to open the body, awareness work, and group sharing, the training can become a growth journey, during which each individual will find support in a loving and accepting atmosphere.
Facial Therapy Massage Training Schedule
FT Training Schedule - 1

Location: Arambol, Goa, India

Date: 20 Oct 2024 - 27 Oct 2024
Price: 500 Euro

FT Training Schedule - 2

Location: Arambol, Goa, India

Date: 17 Nov 2024 - 24 Nov 2024 Price: 500 Euro

FT Training Schedule - 3

Location: Arambol, Goa, India

Date:15 Dec 2024 - 22 Dec 2024 Price: 500 Euro

FT Training Schedule - 4

Location: Arambol, Goa, India

Date: 12 Jan 2025 - 19 Jan 2025
Price: 500 Euro

FT Training Schedule - 5

Location: Arambol, Goa, India

Date: 09 Feb 2025 - 16 Feb 2025 Price: 500 Euro

FT Training Schedule - 6

Location: Arambol, Goa, India

Date: 05 Mar 2025 - 12 Mar 2025 Price: 500 Euro

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