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He is the Facial Therapy Trainer at “APURVAM” Meditation and Massage Therapy Training School in Goa. His teaching is a mirroring of his learning with different techniques varying from different bodywork styles to holistic therapeutic art, Meditations & Mindfulness for more than the last two decades. He has graduated in Business & Commerce from Pune University. He participated in numerous and varied therapeutic and professional body-oriented workshops, Meditation, Healing Art, and Breathwork.

Atharva is the Founder and Director of the “APURVAM” Meditation and Massage Therapy Training School in Goa, India. he has become a full-fledged therapist and trainer of Facial Therapy. 

Atharva brought together all of his vast learning of human anatomy and the different healing methods, modalities, and techniques he had learned and worked with, and developed the Facial Therapy Massage Certification Training Course.

Having known about Osho for many years and being inspired by his books, while he was studying for his Bachelor of Commerce from PUNE University the need to investigate alternative methods of personal growth and inner transformation grew.

This drove him, in 1995 to Osho International Meditation Resort, which is one of the world’s largest centers for Meditation, Therapy, and bodywork. There he learned meditation and became a member of the staff. He experimented daily with OSHO’s active meditations and participated in numerous workshops, training, meditation, and varied therapeutic and body-oriented workshops. and was trained in OSHO Rebalancing, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Japanese Facial Massage (KOBIDO) Therapeutic Massage for Relaxation, Deep Tissue Massage, and Breathwork.

In 2010 he stayed and studied at The Chetwan Thai Traditional Massage School (Watpo) Thailand. Here he trained for 165 hours of Professional Thai Massage for health and 200 hours of Professional Thai Massage Therapy –1.

During the last 20 years, he has been facilitating meditations, body-mind healing courses, Facial Therapy Training, and giving a variety of bodywork & breath sessions in OSHO Meditation Resort in Pune India, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, China, Japan, and Bali.

In his Face Massage Training, he allows you to be as you are and can support you in nurturing what is essential in you and how to practically express this in your life. In his work, he creates an atmosphere that puts everyone at ease and brings a lightness to transformation. Working with so many different people he has a deep understanding of what the heart is and gives people the experience of their own heart.

He has synthesized the essence of business, personal growth, meditation, clarity, and humor and has the gift of helping people have a deep experience of the balance of inner peace and outer success. He has dedicated his life to living his essential nature in love, abundance, and freedom and to helping others do the same.

In an uncomplicated and loving way, he can bring acceptance, understanding, and clarity even in difficult situations. He encourages and supports you to find and stand in your strength, and to bring more joy and relaxation into your life. He has exceptional sensitivity and intelligence in intimate relating and passes on his experience and understanding with great care toward every person.

During all these times of practice as a Massage Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, and breathwork Therapist, he has earned a superior understanding of the brain and how it controls the body. In his face massage training, he supports his classmates in studying these principles by educating them on how to act on energy levels and how to attain a balance so body-mind can be in profound rest.

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