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20 – 27 October  2024
17 – 24 November 2024
15 – 22 December 2024
12 – 19 January 2025

Facial Therapy Massage Training in Goa

Facial Therapy Massage Training

It is powerful. Yet gentle facial rejuvenation treatment. Facial Therapy is a profound combination of traditional East Asian medical concepts and ancient facial massage techniques. It helps release the energy and stress locked in the facial, head, and neck muscles. This Massage Training aims at a holistic change of each student’s association with individual creativity, body, and touch. It is a pearl of wonderful and healing wisdom which appears in an intensely sole and group process. It is an intensely transformative course that leads to knowing yourself better and healing space and your own energy on many stages. Read more

Facial Therapy Massage Training has 3 levels spread over 8 days. It is hands-on training so you will be able to perform complete therapeutic facial massage by the end of the training.

Facial Therapy Level - 3

Level - 1

You will begin learning the most fundamental Facial Therapy techniques. Which are the most frequently use for Facial Therapy treatment. You will also study the ancient concept of health and beauty. And the basic principles of the art of facial therapy.

Facial Therapy Level - 2

Level - 2

You will continue to study advance Facial Therapy techniques. You will learn refinements of level 1 technique, Advance techniques for jaw, cheek region, and many more techniques. You will begin to study how to connect the style to perform the session.

Facial Therapy Level - 1

Level - 3

In Shiatsu Facelift, The Energizing stage uses meridian energy pathways and Tsubo or acupoints of the face to balance the internal organs. This stage is unique to Facial Therapy. The Energizing staged adds tremendous benefit to the entire facial massage.

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6 Elements of APURVAM

APURVAM is a professional & well-known Meditation and Massage Training School in Goa, India. Our objective is to help others to be lovable, healthier, more alive. Our innovative and professional training sessions and courses are an event to work profoundly in person, to explore ones’ full strength as a practitioner or bodywork therapist. Our teacher is an excellent expert. Who assists their student’s progress, not only during the training but also ahead. We share our knowledge from our professional approach and personal growth. Read more


He is the Facial Therapy Trainer at APURVAM. His teaching is an impression of his learning with different techniques varying from different bodywork styles to holistic therapeutic art, Meditations & Mindfulness for more than the last two decades. He has graduated in Business & Commerce from Pune University. Participate in numerous and varied therapeutic and professional body-oriented workshops, Meditation, Healing Art, and Breathwork. Read more

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“The body is the most complex mechanism in existence – it is simply marvelous. And blessed are those who marvel.”  Osho


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