Massage Therapy Course

Let yourself begin with APURVAM. We’re here to grow your skills, creativity, and passion. Atharva has a deep understanding of bodywork and knowledge to help you achieve. We’ll provide the foundational facial massage therapy course and develop the skills you need. All are deeply rooted in the APURVAM mission of healing and well-being.

The 6 Elements of APURVAM

6 Element of Apurvam

Face Massage Therapy Training

In massage therapy courses as long-term students & teachers of meditation, we are enthusiastic about experiencing how to use conscious touch, a present that is much more than just a technique. Acquiring to work in a meditative way is the main element at APURVAM. By sincerely accepting the body we can explore and change the states of the receiver while living empty and effortless personally. Here we begin into this state of profound meditation that is transfer through our touch to the customer. That leaves both the receiver and giver with an example of silence and ultimate tranquility.

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