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Face Massage Techniques and their Advantages

A massage is a way to manipulate both the superficial and the deep layers of the body muscle and accomplishes various purposes. Like helping heal processes, reducing muscular activity, aiding relaxation, promoting general wellbeing.

Various Massage Skills:

Kobido Facial Massage:

This is the oldest oriental facial massage. It is currently known as the Japanese Lifting Facial.
This massage using 47 different techniques works on 16 superficial muscles. These techniques are applied to the neck, face, and scalp and provide profound relaxation. Also, it produces a higher amount of oxygen to the skin.

Classic Face Massage:

It is the most common type of massage. And that teaches at beauty academies. So it is the one used by most experts. It includes movements like gentle, deep stroking, tapping, and kneading.
It is suitable for skins showing signs of photoaging and aging. These kinds of skin need the stimulating of the dermis. To improve the development of new collagen. Which achieves the primary purpose of care.
In general, other active elements are using during this massage, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, DMAE, etc.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial:

A lymph is a liquid that existing within our body and originates in the blood. That made of proteins, salt, and water. And it flows through the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and other waste.
However, the various factors affect how this method runs.
They may be inner or outer:

  • Obesity, Urinary system problems, hereditary causes, Pregnancy. 
  • Heat, eating excess salt, humidity, drinking alcohol, wearing tight clothing, medication, lack of physical exercise, etc.

The idea of drainage means liquid moving from one state. Where it has accumulated to another. Where it can flow out through a conduction system.

The physiotherapeutic or professional that utilizes this method apply it very lightly. Almost as if it were a caress. It is varied from classic massage. Primarily due to the gentle manual pressure used. The massage operates from proximal to distal and always begins with clearing the chain ganglia.


  • This is a very beneficial technique for healthy skin that you want to revitalize or keep fresh.
  • For oxygenating, revitalizing, and deep ‘cleansing’ tired skin.
  • For developing microcirculation and decreasing inflammation in skins with Couperose.

Essentially, it is a very healthful technique that is also commonly used by the medical profession when patients have post-operatory Oedema. 


This method is Chinese in origin. It uses acupressure applied to specific points along energy pathways, called meridians.
The therapist of this method uses special tools, palms of their hands, their fingers, etc. Finger pressure used on the face helps to repair wrinkles. Because the techniques improve blood circulation and therefore develops muscle tone and connective tissue, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Facial Therapy

A precise health care modality, Face massage combines ancient theory with a practical modern approach to looking and feeling your best – whatever age you are. As we learn to nurture and balance our inner and outer life, the changes we make are reflecting in our features. With the deceptively simple massage, acupressure, and energy balancing techniques of Facial Therapy massage, you can discover a new and exciting way to take care of the assets you possess.
This natural, non-invasive treatment prevents visible signs of aging and can help reverse some of the adverse effects that have already occurred to your skin. As your face is soothing into calmness, your features can visibly relax. The result? You feel and look beautifully at peace with the world.
This therapy is a profound combination of Ayurvedic face massage techniques, Kobido techniques, shiatsu, classical massage, and lymph drainage.

Advantages of Massage

Aesthetic: The purpose of this kind of massage is somehow to develop the individual’s outer appearance. Whether by improving our figure. Relaxing us or toning up muscles. Which finally has an actual impact on how we look.
Therapeutic: This type of massage must only be performed by a professional therapist. To recover mobility, alleviate pain, improve the circulatory system, etc.
Sports massage: Sportspersons get these types of massage to recover from their sports injuries. 
Mechanical: The purpose of mechanical pressure influences the tissue.
Preventive: Application to injured or tight areas before gentle exercise.
Physiological: Reduces tiredness correlated with gentle exercise, thermal baths, etc.
Psychological/relaxation: Manual connection with an expert provides comfort. And a sense of confidence. Relieving psycho-physical stress.

Face Massage

Just as we do sports activity to tone our bodies, face massage should be done in the same way as a sport. As they help us support our facial structure. If we add facial practices. We will notice much firmer cheeks and eyelids. And our face will preserve its shape as we grow. 
Most beauty treatments focussed on anti-aging or deep skin stimulation should regularly incorporate a facial massage.
Even though every massage type or technique has its specific function. Deep, gentle stroking of the face and neck is very positive in itself in several ways:

Benefits of Face Massage:

  • The stimulation of blood circulation favors the creation of fibers that strengthen the skin. Moderately reducing aging. And equally restores the skin and is very good for maintaining it healthfully and working well.
  • It gives elasticity.
  • It reduces facial stress.
  • It enhances the look of bags under the eyes.
  • It provides a better feeling of well-being. That promotes personal balance and health.
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