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Why grounding important in bodywork therapy massage?

Why grounding important in bodywork therapy massage?

Have you ever thought about the contact between the earth and you when you get up in the morning and put your feet on the ground?

You are an electromagnetic person, grounding energy just like a device that plugs into an electrical socket, and this connection can be extremely major in weathering everyday challenges.

Grounding includes living inside your body and having a connection with the earth, which permits for an inflow of energy to serve your bodily practices and an outflow of energy to clear any unnecessary charge in your body.


What is Grounding?

Grounding means bringing this life center within you in contact with the gravitational force, so the gravitational forces filling it.

Gravity is a vertical pull to the earth. It is to us what water is to fish. On earth, it is our constant environment. When we are at one with gravity, we are uplift. We all exist in gravity which runs at 90° to the earth. The closer we are to the vertical line with our major weight segments (head, arms, chest, pelvis, legs) less mechanical effort needs to be constantly exerted by our musculature. The body is an architectural structure obeying mechanical, physical laws.

Opening up the channels to the earth – movement awareness

Properly use of body and bodyweight.

Mutually with effective use of BODYWEIGHT and inner RELAXATION.

BREATHING: An essential part of giving and receiving bodywork. The key to relaxation

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What is it?

  • Feeling rooted in my body and me
  • Feeling part of the whole
  • Being able to respond to the moment
  • Being “here” – not past, not imagination
  • Allowing the flow of energy through knees + legs

What Helps?

  • Relaxing feet, knees, belly + back
  • Softening knees (often “locked”)
  • Breathing into lower belly/pelvic diaphragm
  • Being “in” your legs/roots: movement awareness

3 Key places

  • Pelvis (hips)
  • Knees
  • Feet (ankles)

Relationship (alignment) between these joints needed for balance + grounding

Why Grounding?

  • An essential dimension – The “Heart” of Bodywork
  • It changes the quality of touch – use of body weight, not force (muscles)
  • Give your body support from the earth
  • Allows energy to flow between you and your client
  • Relaxing into gravity gives rise to grace

“Grounding means you become almost part of the earth and allow it to flow in you, to flood you… particularly below the navel…” Osho

The simplest way to ground yourself is to get out into nature and be attentive to the earth underneath your feet. Visualize energy moving up through the inner curves of your feet. An address the energy up through your center and take few deep breaths. As you go through your time, keeping that link in memory, you will no difficulty see the advantages of your newfound relationship.

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